About Us:

In today’s Jet-setting world, where time is of essence, it does not come as a surprise that most people are not paying close attention to the food and its ingredients that goes into its preparation. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise at the increasing health related issues that we have faced with.

At SAI ORGANICS, we are driven by the passion to make “Positive living through healthy and conscious eating choices” a reality. We source food products and ingredients that are 100% Organic Certified by Global Accreditation agencies such as – USDA, NPOP, SGS, India Organic etc.

Who are we:

Passionate individuals who want to make a “Positive change” in people’s lifestyle through conscious eating choices.

“You are what you eat” – each one of our cells in our body is replaced in about seven years, so shouldn’t we be conscious of our diet and the choices we make to have a positive impact?

Driven by this passion, we have a strategic tie-up with Supplier’s from India and import all our products directly without any middlemen, thereby ensuring high quality at competitive price. By having an online presence, we are giving our customers the choice to shop for their healthy products from the comfort of their homes, and thus passing the savings back to them.  


Our Philosophy:

We strongly believe in caring for nature through sustainable farming. It is our constant endeavour to preserve the delicate balance of nature, that Organic farming conforms to.